Partnership Grants

Shared Services

Partners may individually provide similar services to the public or contract with service providers to accomplish common goals. Streamlining services for greater efficiency will allow for a more comprehensive public benefit. The application must thoroughly demonstrate the partners and their customers will benefit from the shared service and that the partners can sustain the results of the shared services beyond the grant period.


Eligible programs include but are not limited to:
  • Identifying skills seminars to be presented among multiple constituencies.
  • Developing a regional or community-based team to streamline disaster response efforts for historic properties, public records, museum collections, or archives.
  • Creating integrated heritage tourism or exhibits programs.
  • Developing a plan to combine services for collections held among the partners, including digitization, storage, inventory, care, and access.


The following advice corresponds to sections of the application form and is additional to the guidance provided above.
Partnership Program Description
  • Explain the need for shared services and how it will benefit the partners and their customers.
  • If contracting with a service provider, describe the service to be shared.
Evaluation Metrics
  • Estimate cost savings from the planned shared service to demonstrate efficiency.

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