Partnership Grants



A pre-application is a draft application using the Heritage Partnership application form. It is critical that you complete the application as thoroughly as possible. The more specific you are in the pre-application, the better the advice will be from subject experts and the better able you will be to prepare a solid final application. In addition, you should also include the required attachments so they can be reviewed.
Once you submit the pre-application, you will no longer be able to edit the draft. When the pre-application review is completed, Grants Office staff will email comments to the project director of the Lead Partner named in the application. You will be able to edit the application once you receive the written comments.
  • A pre-application is required for all partnership applications. This provides an initial screening to ensure that the applicant organizations and the proposal are eligible to receive a grant.
  • Pre-applications must be submitted through the grants portal on the Heritage Partnership application form.
  • Prior grant applications and past grant awards do not substitute for a pre-application.
  • Pre-applications cannot substitute for project planning.


Do not start a new application form—you must edit the proposal you submitted as the pre-application. Review the comments from the staff evaluation of the pre-application. Staff encourages strengthening your proposal in specific ways by providing written feedback. You are not obligated to strengthen the proposal, but staff comments are designed to help the proposal meet both the guidelines and the Grants Review Committee’s interpretation of the guidelines. If you do not modify or strengthen your proposal as part of the final application, it will be noted in staff comments to the Grants Review Committee.

  • A pre-application must have been submitted prior to the pre-application deadline in order for an applicant to be eligible to submit a final application.
  • Final applications must be submitted through the grants portal on the Heritage Partnership Program application form.
  • All application attachments must be uploaded to the appropriate part of the application form. Attachments sent via postal mail or email will not be accepted.
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