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Historic Resources Advisory Committee

Responsibility for administering this new competitive grants program lies with the Minnesota Historical Society. The appropriations bill (H.F. 1231) establishes the Committee:

The Minnesota Historical Society shall appoint a historic resources advisory committee, with balanced statewide membership and representatives of local, county, and statewide historical and cultural organizations and programs, to provide policy and grant making guidance on expenditures of funds from this paragraph. This membership shall include, but is not limited to, members representing the interests of historic preservation, local history, archaeology, archival programs, and other cultural programs related to the history of Minnesota. This committee shall seek input from all interested parties, and shall make recommendations for expenditures from these funds to the executive council of the Minnesota Historical Society; all expenditures must meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 138.01.


The Historic Resources Advisory Committee consists of thirteen members serving two-year terms and two ex-officio members. Members were selected following an open solicitation process held during late summer 2013. They represent a variety of disciplines and are from diverse areas of the state. The committee roster for 2014:

  • Leanne Brown, Eden Prairie (Chair)
    • Director of Development, Carver County Library/Library Foundation
    • Formerly, Executive Director, Carver County Historical Society
    • Qualified in grantmaking, history, project management and museum studies
  • Suzanne Blue, Red Wing
    • Entrepreneur
    • Community Leader
    • Qualified in business development, historic preservation, governance
  • Jack Byers, Minneapolis
    • Manager, Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED)
    • Manages CPED's Preservation and Design Section
    • Qualified in historic preservation, architecture, urban geography and planning
  • Mark Edevold, Bagley
    • M.A. Anthropology
    • Formerly, Executive Director, Beltrami County Historical Society & Mayor of Bagley
    • Qualified in archaeology, construction, facility management
  • Kristi Link Fernholz, Appleton
    • Senior Planner, Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission
    • Active with Minnesota Valley National Scenic Byway
    • Qualified in grants management, regional government, graphic arts, and interpretation
  • Nicole Foss, Bemidji
    • M.A. Anthropology/Historical Archaeology
    • Formerly, Executive Director, Beltrami County Historical Society, Bemidji, MN
    • Qualified in anthropology, historical archaeology, library and museum fields
  • David Hakensen, Minnetonka
    • Manager, Fleishman Hillard
    • Qualified in crisis communications, media coaching and mergers and acquisition messaging
  • Ginny Lackovic, Minneapolis
    • Registered Architect, HGA Architects and Engineers
    • Involved in restoration work on the Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul Union Depot, and Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis
    • Qualified in historic architecture
  • Andrea LaVasseur, Bemidji
    • U.S. Forest Service Program Manager, Retired
    • M.A. Anthropology
    • Qualified in anthropology, project management, federal and tribal government
  • Jan Louwagie, Marshall
    • Coordinator, Southwest Minnesota Regional Research Center, Southwest Minnesota State University
    • Founding member of Society for the Study of Local and Regional History
    • Former member of State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)
    • Qualified in history and archival administration
  • Ann Meline, Saint Cloud
    • Deputy Director, Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud
    • Formerly Assistant Director/Public Programs managing Exhibits, Collections and Education Departments
    • Former grant reviewer for Institute of Museum and Library Services
    • Qualified in history, nonprofit and museum administration
  • Amy Spong, St.Paul
    • Historic Preservation Specialist, City of St. Paul
    • Formerly, grants administrator of Colorado State Historical Fund
    • Qualified in historic preservation, project management, grant making and local government
  • Michael Worcester, Cokato
    • Director, Cokato Historical Museum and Akerlund Studio
    • Formerly, board member of Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums
    • Qualified in local history, project management, museum collections care and management

Ex Officio Members

  • William Stoeri, Minneapolis, ex-officio member (president of the MHS Board)
  • Dean Nelson, Saint Paul, ex-officio member (treasurer of the MHS Board)



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The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.