Minnesota History: Building A Legacy

Encyclopedia of Minnesota History

Every day, Minnesotans search Wikipedia to get a question answered.  If it's a question about Minnesota history, Wikipedia's answer may or may not be accurate. 

"There's a need for a relevant, reliable resource related to Minnesota history," said Erica Hartmann, of the Minnesota Historical Society Press. 

That need is being filled by the Encyclopedia of Minnesota History, a website being developed by the Minnesota Historical Society with $265,576  from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Encyclopedia entries will draw on the vast resources of the Minnesota Historical Society and its collections, images, library reference materials and more.  The website is under construction with a launch in 2012. 

Hartmann, the encyclopedia’s editor, says it will be designed to be used by a wide range of people: teachers, students, parents, journalists, tourists, researchers.

"It gets our resources out there to people who can't come here," Hartmann said. 

A beta version of the site is now available at www.mnopedia.org


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