Stephanie: Transitions: University Ave

Stephanie talks with GPHS students about CCLRT construction and the zen of boat building

Interviewed by: Zach Vietor, Anna Dewitt
Edited/Directed by: Jordan
Photos by: Jordan


My name is Stephanie and I work at Urban Boat Builders. Oh, and the address here is 449 Pascal Street.

Can you tell us how long you’ve worked here?

I've worked here since October, so I've been working here for, like about, I think, 7 months.

What is your job working here?

I am an apprentice and I just learn from Phil, the master boat builder, how to make boats out of wood. Working here is like, it's kind of like a program where you learn about yourself and you get perseverance. You get kind of more confident in yourself so that you're, and it's like, to help you get ready for the real world.

What’s your favorite thing about working here and what's challenging about your job?

My favorite thing about working here is the hours aren't long and the people are really nice. And I think, I think the most challenging part is that sometimes you have to learn new things, and it's like, out of my comfort zone. But then when you get used to it, it's just kind of like, a daily routine.

How has business changed since construction began?

It's kind of hard for some of the people to get to work. So, we get to, we have to ride the bus but then some of the bus stops, they change. So, we would have to walk farther and sometimes we would have to come in late for work.

How do you feel about the light rail being built in St. Paul?

I think it's cool because I rode the light rail before and it's pretty fun, it's faster than the bus. (Laughs)

Well, thank you for letting us interview you and have a good day.

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