Lakeshia Uting: Transitions: University Ave

Lakeshia Uting describes how CCLRT construction and corresponding business changes have affected her work hours, as well as her love of working at 7 Mile

Interviewed by: Alex Kelly, Farha Ibrahim
Edited/Directed by: Enmanuel
Photos by: Enmanuel, Heileen


My name is Lakeshia Uting, and I work at 7 Mile Sportswear, and I've been here for about 7 months now.

What is your favorite thing about working here, what do you find challenging?

I don't really find too much challenging. I have some cool co-workers, and I love learning about the many different types of hair, and the products that goes along with it.

Do you know how long the business has been here?

It's been here for at least 13 plus years.

Has your workday changed since the construction started?

It did, my hours had got cut, because the business was slow, but then it picked up a little bit, so now I'm working a little more.

Do you think business will change after the construction is completed, how was your customers coming in, parking, everything before it started, and now what is it?

I wasn't here before construction started, but I know now it is really slowed down. It seems like people get frustrated, because they're not sure which way to come in, or which way to turn in because of how the light rail is set up now.

What is your commute to get here?

Oh, I had to come up with a back road, that would get me here faster, and avoid all other traffic.

What was your opinion of the light rail when you first heard about it, and how is it today?

I didn't like it at all, I still don't like it. I’m just feared that somebody is going to get ran over, or the train is going to crash into a small business. It's just a lot of different things that i don’t like about having the light rail.

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