J'Lisa: Transitions: University Ave

J’Lisa explains how the CCLRT will have many pros and cons, and why she thinks that ultimately it will be a big positive for St. Paul

Interviewed by: Autumn Quesnell, Sophia Wimberley
Edited/Directed by: Enmanuel
Photos by: Jordan


Please introduce yourself, tell us your name and how long you have worked here?

Hi, my name is J'Lisa, and I have been an employee at Radio Shack for about 2 months.

What is your favorite thing about working here and something you find challenging?

Something I find challenging, I don't really have challenges. I don't look at things...well, a couple obstacles here and there, but I try to learn everything. I like working here because I don't have to sit down all day.

How has your work day changed since construction started?

It's changed drastically, I mean, it's a plus and it's a con, you know. However, I think it will be beneficial for jobs and to create expansion of the Twin Cities. I think it will be a great, a great deal for that.

Do you think business will change after construction is completed?

Definitely. I think it will be a drastic change, I think it will be a big positive difference.

Do you think your commute will change after construction is completed?

Yes, I think it will. I do use the light rail in Minneapolis that is up now. So I think I will use the one in St. Paul as well. So, yes, it will.

What are some positive things customers have said about the light rail?

Some positive things definitely been some things like I am glad when it will get, when they get it up and running, so that they can get from point a to point b faster.

What are some negative things customers have said about the light rail?

It definitely comes from a lot of drivers, I say a lot of people who drive, they don't like the traffic that it causes. One lane on University, you know, they're used to two lanes.

What is your opinion on the light rail when you first heard about it and what, what is it today?

I couldn't believe that they were putting it in St. Paul because it's know to be such a small city. But it's not as small as a lot of people think it is. So, I think that at the end, the end results, I think everyone will be pleased.

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