St Paul Midway YMCA: Transitions: University Ave

David Dominick, greater Twin Cities YMCA manager, discusses his proactive strategies for meeting his customers' needs during CCLRT construction

Interviewed by: Daniel Denham
Directed/Edited by: Darian “Dee” Bugbee
Photos by: Curtis King, Tanisha Brandt
Editing mentorship: George Duong
(University of Minnesota)


What is your name, and what is your occupation?

My name is David Dominick. I'm a district executive director with the YMCA of the greater Twin Cities.

How has the Light Rail construction affected your commute here?

I commute from Minneapolis, so during March through November last year, it was challenging at times but it’s a little bit more smoother and calmer than it was last year.

What have your co-workers or YMCA members told you about the construction?

Well I think one thing that was key for us is we became very proactive before it began, down in our part of the avenue. We put up yard signs that said "This is where you turn to park", "This is how you can get to our parking lots." We were trying to be very proactive with our members, so that they weren't frustrated by the time they came into the building, and I think the signs helped.

How do you think the Light Rail will affect the YMCA when it’s finished?

Well I think one, it’s going to have a greater impact on the avenue, I think it going to really transform the avenue from what it is today, and hopefully there will be a lot more businesses, a lot more housing, I think, if you're on the rail and you want to work out at a YMCA facility, you can get off the train at the corner of Fairview and University, walk half a block, and you're right here. So when it’s all said and done, I think, those businesses that can survive, I think it will be a very great benefit for those businesses as well as the city of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Thank you for your time.

You're welcome. Thank you.

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