Twin Cities 4-H Podcast Project

The 4-H Podcast Project, “Minnesota 4-H: Then and Now” program was a week-long camp with 4-H participants from Hennepin, Ramsey, and Dakota counties. During the camp, participants interviewed alumni about their experiences in 4-H and created short audio pieces from the interview

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"I enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and working with others. The mentors were wonderful."

"[My favorite part] was the teamwork and sharing of stories."

"I learned how much work goes into the short piece you actually listen to."


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4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project 4-H Podcast Project

Students interviewed 4-H alumni seniors created audio pieces on the theme of “Minnesota 4-H: Then and Now.”

4H Then and Now: What's the Difference?

4H in the 1940s and Now

Achieving the Greater Good

Bunch o Go-Getters

Everyone Has a Story

Family & Fair

Meeting Lifetime Friends

Nurturing Leadership Skills

Pursue What You Love

With All My Heart

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How did being a member of University of Minnesota Extension 4-H shape alumni? Did they find a passion for the outdoors that led to a career? Or a lifelong interest in photography? More than 131,000 youth are active in 4-H - nearly 12% of all youth between the ages of 5-19 in Minnesota. Carrying on the tradition of youth learning by doing, the community of Minnesota 4-H has over 100 years of stories to share with future generations; lessons learned, moments of accomplishment, and, of course, those fascinating tales of what actually happens behind-the-scenes at a fair. During a week in June 2011, Minnesota 4-H participants from Ramsey, Hennepin, and Dakota counties captured just a few of those stories when they interviewed 4-H alumni and created short audio pieces.

Youth Participants: Brenda, Jacob, Birka, Chris, Hamza, Becca, Ryan, Jordan, Jordan, Kirti, Natasha, Maggie, Braylon, Makaela, Faith, John

4-H Alumni: Erick Agrimson, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Wayne Carlson, Henry Fox, Kristin Geer, Kelly Harder, Kevin Otto, Laurie Pumper, Kathy Zeman

Team Mentors: Kit Alviz, Sandi Fox, Sara Given, Saida Hassan, Alex Kuno, Mandy Martinson, Julia Ohmann, Ellen Rolfes, Tim Sayon, Kristie Shaffer

For more information: Contact Project Manager Maren Levad at or 651-259-3480.

Background on 4-H
4-H clubs take root as far back as the early 1900’s. Formed by girls and boys clubs, 4-H clubs aim to help children participate in leadership and learning activities. 4-H directly influenced our Nation’s leadership in world agriculture through corn growing contests and project exhibits on poultry and potatoes. Today’s youth can participate in a variety of projects that include global communications, entomology, and robotics.

4-H Resources

The national history of “Head, Heart, Hands and Health”

Get involved in 4-H in Minnesota

The University of Minnesota’s Extension provides opportunities to get involved in the community.

Personal accounts of Minnesotans involved in 4-H during the Depression

Photo of the 4-H Canning Club in Mora Minnesota, 1920

Podcast Resources

The history of podcasting.

Project Details

Date: June 2011
Partner(s): University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development
Location: Saint Paul, MN , MN

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