Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project

“Teen to Teen” is a reader’s theater piece performed by teens, written by playwright Cory Hinkle with input from members of MHS’s Teen Advisory Council.

Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project
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See what people had to say about this project!
"The most surprising thing I learned is how much people are willing to share their stories. I found that during this event, I have been so informed about 1968 and I’m impressed I learned so much."
"[I enjoyed] hearing the stories and experiences of adults who were teens in the 1960s and seeing how similar they are to mine."
"It was important to be reminded that the technology we take for granted today (CDs, Internet, computers, and even calculators) were unimaginable then."
"I was surprised at the knowledge and interest of the youth in doing this project."

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Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project Saint Paul Reader's Theater Project

Enjoy the final script from the performance (PDF document).

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“Teen to Teen” is an initiative of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Teen Advisory Council (TAC) who conducted interviews with adult volunteers who’d been teens in 1968 as they prepared for their 1968-themed event, 9TEEN68. The teens shared what they’d learned with playwright Cory Hinkle who conducted several workshops with TAC members to develop a reader’s theater piece that drew on the experiences of contemporary teens and their 1968 counterparts. Hinkle cast the reader’s theater with students at the Saint Paul Conservatory for the Arts, they were directed by Anton Jones. “Teen to Teen” premiered at the TAC-coordinated 9TEEN68 event on April 26, 2011.

Youth Participants: Abdullahi, Alex, Colleen, Connor, Coua, Devyn, Grace, Megan, Sergio, Wehliye

Adult Participants: Gayle Cmiel, Maureen DeCamp, Brian Dusbiber, Susan James-Morrow, Chana Meister, Penny Ray, Suzanne Shetka

For more information: Contact Project Manager Aleah Vinick at or 651-259-3417.

Find out more about the 1968 Exhibit.



Project Details

Date: December 2010 - April 2011
Partner(s): Cory Hinkle, Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts; Anton Jones; Amanda Adams, Aleah Vinick, Members of the 2010-2011 Teen Advisory Council, Minnesota Historical Society
Location: Saint Paul, MN

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