Red Lake Documentary Project

“Anishinaabe Traditions at Red Lake” is a filmmaking project that documents winter traditions at Red Lake as taught by elders to youth during a winter camp there.

Red Lake Documentary Project
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"I enjoyed seeing all the people come together to learn about our culture. They had a lot to learn about."

"[My favorite part was] talking and sharing with the other elders, and elders and the youth learning from each other."

"Sharing the knowledge and wisdom to the youth [was important] - teaching about the beadwork, quill work, storytelling, drummaking."


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Red Lake Documentary Project Red Lake Documentary Project Red Lake Documentary Project Red Lake Documentary Project

Enjoy the “Anishinaabe Traditions at Red Lake” Documentary Film!

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The Anishinaabe Traditions winter camp was held over a long weekend in January. Elementary age Students participated in elder-lead activities including trapping, drumming and drum-making, beading, quillwork from breakfast until bedtime each day.

Youth Participants: April, Blaine, Darren, December, Devin, Lanelle, Norma, Richard, Simone

Adult Participants: Donnie Applebee, Darrell Auginash, Randy Barnett, Wanda Baxter, Darwin Sumner, Bret Thompson, Larry Vanwert, Jr., James White

For more information: Contact Project Manager Aleah Vinick at or 651-259-3417.

Background on Red Lake
The Red Lake Indian Reservation covers land in parts of nine counties in northern Minnesota. The reservation completely surrounds Lower Red Lake, the State's largest lake, and includes a major portion of Upper Red Lake, the State's fourth largest lake. There are lakes, swamps, peat bogs, and prairies, with some land on the western side suitable for farming. Bemidji, the closest city, is 30 miles to the south. Red Lake is the first reservation in Minnesota to build an archives-library program to preserve tribal records and historical material. Red Lake is the most populous reservation in the state with about 5,000 residents.

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Project Details

Date: January 2011
Partner(s): Darwin Sumner; George Zimmerman, Giziibii Resource Conservation & Development; John Gwinn, Migizi Communications; The Boys & Girls Club of Red Lake; Aleah Vinick, Minnesota Historical Society, Project Manager
Location: Red Lake, MN

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