Little Falls Scrapbook Project

"This We Remember” brought together elementary aged students with seniors to learn about the Great Depression. Seniors’ memories and students’ favorite facts and events are preserved in the resulting scrapbooks.

Little Falls Scrapbook Project
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"[I enjoyed] sharing a new way of life that the youngsters were unaware of. I feel that opened up their minds to a different world."

"[Our son] really retained and gained a lot from this experience. I really hope you can continue this through the 1940’s and hopefully he will be lucky enough to be chosen [to participate] again."

"Whatever can be done to keep the connection between the older generation and the youth is priceless. Thank you for doing this."

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Little Falls Scrapbook Project Little Falls Scrapbook Project Little Falls Scrapbook Project Little Falls Scrapbook Project Little Falls Scrapbook Project Little Falls Scrapbook Project

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This project paired children of the Great Depression with today’s children of the recession. Once a week after school, students worked with seniors to learn about life during the 1930s.  In addition to reviewing primary and secondary sources, students conducted oral histories with their senior partners to learn about the past.  Both generations learned from each other through swapping stories, examining photographs and playing games. They recorded what they learned with collages, written memories and the selection of key photographs to represent the experiences of children during times of economic hardship. The program concluded with the assembly of these documents into a scrapbook and digitized to include an audio track from the oral histories.

Youth Participants: Aaron, Benjamin, Derian, Destiny, Greg

Adult Participants: Echo Kowalzek, Keith Manbeck, Norma Steele, Dr. Oliver Titrud, Howard Warmberg

For more information: Contact Project Manager Aleah Vinick at or 651-259-3417.

Charles Lindbergh House
Learn more about the Charles Lindbergh House in Little Falls, a Minnesota Historical Society site.

Charles Lindbergh HouseBackground on Little Falls
Little Falls was founded in 1848, one of the oldest cities in the newly forming territory of Minnesota. It was named for a small drop in the Mississippi River over a large square of granite, the only natural waterfall on the Mississippi River other then Saint Anthony Falls. The city is perhaps best known as the childhood home of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, Jr., and as the home of the Larson boat company.

Minnesota Historical Society Resources on the Great Depression

The Great Depression in Swede Hollow

Minnesota’s Greatest Generation:  Growing Up Rural: Stories of children growing up in rural Minnesota during the Great Depression.

Minnesota’s Greatest Generation Share Your Story: Mary Joy Dean Breton: A New Start

Minnesota’s Greatest Generation Share Your Story: 4-H Fun!

Minnesota’s Greatest Generation Share Your Story: Making a Contribution

In Their Words: Stories of the Depression

Collections Up Close: The Pinn Family Doll

"Making the Best of Hard Times" - Roger Bindl
2006 Minnesota’s Greatest Generation Film Festival Award Winner: Best Depiction of Childhood/Adolescent Life
The film is a brief look at the lives of six people that grew up during the 1930s. As teens and pre-teens they worked and played during a Great Depression, yet thought little of it. This was the life they knew.

Other Helpful Links

Michigan DNR Compares Prices During the Great Depression to Prices Today

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Great Depression by Gene Smiley

Digital History: Children and the Great Depression

Great Depression Pictures By Jennifer Rosenberg

Having Fun: Farm Life in the Great Depression

Project Details

Date: February 2010 - April 2010
Partner(s): Janelle Hansen, Boys & Girls Club of Morrison County; Kira Humphrey; Stephen Miller, Great River Regional Library; Diane St. Sauver; Cheri Verley; Charlie Pautler and Melissa Peterson, Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site; Aleah Vinick, Minnesota Historical Society, Project Manager
Location: Little Falls, MN

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