LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project

The "Heritage Circle" project brought together senior residents and 6th grade students in LeRoy to learn about their community’s history and create an online photo book to document what they learned.

LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project
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"It made me realize that I’m making history right now."
"[I enjoyed] working with the students and learning from them too. I have always enjoyed history, so I thought this was a great project."
"I liked getting the book and talking about it with my class and parents."
"[I enjoyed seeing] how the students realized that history is all around them – it isn’t just what they read in books about things from a long time ago."


LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project

These are scans from some of the pages of the finished book, "Heritage Circle: Connecting Generations Through History." Interested in seeing more of this book or acquiring your own copy? Contact aleah.vinick@mnhs.org.

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LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project LeRoy Intergenerational Book Project

For the first session, held after school at LeRoy-Ostrander Public School, senior participants presented short (3-5 minute) presentations about a community history topics, such as local cemeteries, Old Town Le Roy, and the Le Roy History Club (first organized in 1901). Many also brought related artifacts (e.g. a early minutes of the history club, plat map of Old Town Le Roy). Students interviewed the participants and digitally recorded the presentations for further investigation at school.

A few weeks later, all of the participants enjoyed a field trip through LeRoy and the surrounding areas, where they saw and toured important sites and buildings related to the Heritage Circle presentations. They also benefitted from more conversation about their community’s unique history. As student Brandon commented, “I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I hope you can too.”

Youth Participants: Brandon, Collin, Dylan, Emily K., Emily S., Garrett K., Garrett L., Haley, Joseph, Joshua, Kathryn, Kaylee, Kia, Maia, MaKayla, Miranda, Moriah, Sara G., Sara K., Serena, Shelby, Tommy

Adult Participants: Marie Haug, Gerald Meier, Joe Kempe, Ed Koppen, Carole Perkins, Lucille Van Tries, Fred Scheevel, Patty White

For more information: Contact Project Manager Aleah Vinick at aleah.vinick@mnhs.org or 651-259-3417.

Background on LeRoy
LeRoy was first platted in the 1850s, and located on Lake Louise through which the Upper Iowa River flows in what is now referred to as "Old Town.” 

However, after the arrival of the railroads the McGregor & Western railway company laid out a new town site in the midst of one of the finest farms in the state. The town picked up and moved. Education was important to the original settlers. The original school building was a house belonging to Charles McNeil and it operated in 1870 as School District No. 79. Later, District 79 closed and became consolidated with the LeRoy School district and a new school building was erected in the new town.

The new town grew and schools, hotels, bakeries and all the businesses that make a town come to life began to appear. The railroad brought prosperity and economic opportunity to the region. Today LeRoy has nearly 1,000 residents.

LeRoy’s Official Website

Project Details

Date: March 2011
Partner(s): Sharon Bergan, Emily De Vries, LeRoy-Ostrander Public School; Kathleen Taylor; Sandy Scheevel and Jette Berken, Historic Forestville; Aleah Vinick, Minnesota Historical Society, Project Manager
Location: Le Roy, MN

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