Hibbing Podcast Project

The Hibbing Podcast Project was a collaboration with the Iron Range Tourism Bureau and residents of Hibbing, MN. During the project, a group of Hibbing teens interviewed adults about businesses and points of interest in and around Hibbing. Click on the "Product" tab below to download and listen to the podcasts.

Hibbing Podcast Project
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"This is a great way to introduce people to Hibbing and to get locals excited about promoting our town." 
"Equally informative and entertaining. This is really wonderful work."

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Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project Hibbing Podcast Project

The 5 podcast stops were selected through community meetings, conversation with business owners and tourism experts, and a survey of storytellers in the community. Click on the "Product" tab and enjoy listening!

Track One: North Hibbing. Storyteller: Craig Hattam. Interviewers: Devin , Katherine 
Track Two: Hull Rust Mine. Storytellers: Jack Croswell, Judy Whitlock. Interviewers: Amelia, Peri 
Track Three: Bob Dylan Drive. Storytellers: Linda Stroback Hocking, Angel Marolt. Interviewers: Devin, Katherine 
Track Four: Hibbing High School. Storyteller: Bob Kearny. Interviewer: Tucker 
Track Five: Zimmy's. Storyteller: Linda Stroback Hocking. Interviewers: Devin, Katherine 
All tracks narrated by Ron Dicklich.
For More Information: Contact Project Manager Aleah Vinick at aleah.vinick@mnhs.org or 651-259-3417.

Background on Hibbing

In July of 1893, the townsite of Hibbing was laid out and named in honor of Frank Hibbing, an expert iron ore prospector from Germany who discovered the surface indication which led him to believe in the existence of extensive ore deposits in the area. Feeling personally responsible as Hibbing's creator, he took deepest pride in its development and by his generous aid made its progress possible. He used his personal means to provide a water plant, electric light plant, the first roads, hotel, sawmill and bank building.

Hibbing grew rapidly in its early years as the huge iron ore mines such as the Mahoning, Hull Rust, Sellers and Burt provided the raw material for Americas industrial revolution. In fact, the mines encroached on the village and it was determined that some of the ore body actually went under the town..
Negotiations between the Oliver Mining Co. and the village finally brought about a plan whereby the entire city would relocate to a site two miles south. Read more about this in the MNopedia entry, The Relocation of Hibbing, 1919-1921.
Greyhound Bus
In 1914, Carl Wickman and Andrew "Bus Andy" Anderson, started a bus line between Hibbing and Alice, MN which would eventually become Greyhound Lines, the world's largest bus company.
Bob Dylan
Hibbing was the boyhood home of songwriter/musician Bob Dylan and hosts an annual Dylan Days event to honor him. 


Podcast Resources
The history of podcasting.

Project Details

Date: August 2012 - December 2012
Partner(s): Iron Range Tourism Bureau; Aleah Vinick, Minnesota Historical Society, Project Manager
Location: Hibbing, MN

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