Alexandria 4-H Video Project

The 4-H Video Project, “Minnesota 4-H: Then and Now” program was a series of spring workshops with 4-H participants from Douglas County. During the camp, participants interviewed alumni about their experiences in 4-H and created short video pieces from the interview

Alexandria 4-H Video Project
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“The most surprising and interesting thing I learned on this project, is that if I put my mind to it and be patient I can do just about anything with technology and editing”
“I totally think we should do this again, keep up with the good work on educating young people about the history in their community and country.”
“I really enjoyed this project. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for giving me this great opportunity.”

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Alexandria 4-H Video Project Alexandria 4-H Video Project Alexandria 4-H Video Project Alexandria 4-H Video Project

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How did being a member of University of Minnesota Extension 4-H shape alumni? Did they find a passion for the outdoors that led to a career? Or a lifelong interest in photography? More than 131,000 youth are active in 4-H - nearly 12% of all youth between the ages of 5-19 in Minnesota. Carrying on the tradition of youth learning by doing, the community of Minnesota 4-H has over 100 years of stories to share with future generations; lessons learned, moments of accomplishment, and, of course, those fascinating tales of what actually happens behind-the-scenes at a fair. During the spring of 2012, Minnesota 4-H participants from Douglas County captured just a few of those stories when they interviewed 4-H alumni and created short video pieces.

Youth Participants: Garrett, Lindsey, Jocelyn, Sarai, Pat, Shaun, Josh, Molly, Becca

Adult Participants

For more information: Contact Project Manager Maren Levad at or 651-259-3480.

Background on 4-H
4-H clubs take root as far back as the early 1900’s. Formed by girls and boys clubs, 4-H clubs aim to help children participate in leadership and learning activities. 4-H directly influenced our Nation’s leadership in world agriculture through corn growing contests and project exhibits on poultry and potatoes. Today’s youth can participate in a variety of projects that include global communications, entomology, and robotics.

4-H Resources
The national history of “Head, Heart, Hands and Health”

Get involved in 4-H in Minnesota

The University of Minnesota’s Extension provides opportunities to get involved in the community.

Personal accounts of Minnesotans involved in 4-H during the Depression

Photo of the 4-H Canning Club in Mora Minnesota, 1920

Podcast Resources
The history of podcasting.

Project Details

Date: April 2012 - May 2012
Partner(s): University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development; Maren Levad, Minnesota Historical Society, Project Manager
Location: Alexandria, MN

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