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To document in 20 interviews the history of the Katha Dance Theatre's first 25 years.
To conduct and inventory and cataloging project of 3-dimensional artifacts in OCHS' collections.
3D Collection Inventory | $56,007 | 2016
To provide better organization of the museum collections, allowing for greater public access to the community's historic resources.
3D Collections Inventory | $74,868 | 2015
To gain intellectual and physical control of historic objects held in public trust.
To hire qualified consultants to develop an exhibit on 3M's history with the City of Maplewood.
To research and write a script for a documentary on innovations developed in Minnesota that contributed to victory in World War II.
The Minnesota Historical Society partnered with the 70 Years Project to begin development of a web site that will enable all Minnesotans to again share in the tragedies and triumphs of the 1,345 days of World War II.
MNHS Press will publish a book showcasing MNHS' extensive collections of bandolier bags made and worn by several North American Indian tribes around the Great Lakes. The book will include a tour of Minnesota's seven Ojibwe reservations, showing bags associated with each area, and profiles of master beadworkers who provide personal insights into the work.
To produce and distribute a booklet on the history and significance of the Northfield Carnegie Library
To hire qualified researchers to document the history of philanthropy in Minnesota.
To hire qualified professionals to produce a manuscript on the history of Northfield Public Schools, 1855-2010.
To hire a qualified professional to complete a manuscript on the history of the Northfield public schools.
To hire a qualified professional to take grant-funded research materials and write a manuscript on the history of Prairie Creek Community School.
To hire a qualified professional to research the history of Booth Memorial Hospital, St. Paul.
To document in eight oral history interviews the history of the St. Croix Valley Potters.
To begin the initial inventory of explorer Will Steger's manuscripts collection
To publish a book tracing Minnesota railroading over the last seven decades through carefully selected photographs, maps, and ephemera.
To pilot an expansion of an existing program on pioneer women to reach wider audiences.
Partner Organizations: Winona County Historical Society and Theatre du Mississippiona Winona County...
To provide basic processing and rehousing of archival materials documenting Lockheed Martin and antecedent companies
To acquire 86 rolls of primary records on microfilm for increased public access to history.
To purchase a microfilm reader/printer/scanner to make microfilmed records more accessible to the public.
To add 104 rolls of microfilmed newspapers to broaden public accessibility to primary records.
To make accessible primary records through a new microfilm reader/printer
To make accessible primary records through a new microfilm reader/printer

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This site is updated regularly with descriptions and data related to Legacy projects funded through the Minnesota Historical Society by the Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (ACHF).
Further information about the use and impact of all Legacy Funds can be found on the Minnesota Legislative Coordinating Commission's Minnesota's Legacy site.