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Acquire Microfilm Reader/Printer/Scanner

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Project Overview

Recipient: Todd County Historical Society

To purchase a microfilm reader/printer to make microfilmed records more accessible to the public.

Project Details

To purchase a microfilm reader/printer to make microfilmed records more accessible to the public.

Fund Availability:

03/01/2015 - 03/01/2016

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota for 2011 Chapter 6, Article 4, Subdivision 5, Statewide Historic and Cultural Grants.

Appropriation Language
Statewide Historic and Cultural Grants. $5,250,000 the first year and $5,250,000 the second year are for history programs and projects operated or conducted by or through local, county, regional, or other historical or cultural organizations; or for activities to preserve significant historic and cultural resources.

Funding Amount: $9,385

Direct Expenses: $9,385

Project Manager

Rita Stracek
Todd County Historical Society
333 Central Avenue
Long Prairie, MN 56347

Members of Recipient's Governing Body: President Gary Stracek, Vice-president Ron Wienhold, Secretary Alice Siegle, Treasurer Gerald Ruda, Trustees: Daiv Freeman, Marilyn Gibson, Leo Heinze, Nancy Kjeldahl, Sidney Kjeldahl, John Kroll, Shirley Lunceford, Joe Marte, Joan Pesta, Charles Reichert, Charles Ring, Elaine John, Rita Stracek, Doris Visser and Shirley Lano.

Subject: History

Administering Agency

Minnesota Historical Society

Board Members:

Minnesota Historical Society Governing Board:

William R. Stoeri, President
Missy S. Thompson, Vice President
Ruth Huss, Vice President
D. Stephen Elliott, Secretary
Dean M. Nelson, Treasurer

Suzanne Blue
Brenda J. Child
Robert Bruininks
Judith S. Corson
D. Stephen Elliott
Phyllis Rawls Goff
William D. Green
David R. Hakensen
Ruth S. Huss
Martha Kaemmer
Dennis L. Lamkin
David M. Larson
Charles Mahar
Dean M. Nelson
Elizabeth M. Nordlie
Dennis Nguyen
Peter R. Reis
Hussein Samatar
Simon Stevens
Susan Kenny Stevens
William R. Stoeri
Karen Wilson Thissen
Missy Staples Thompson
Eleanor Winston

Mark Dayton, Governor
Yvonne Prattner Solon Lieutenant Governor
Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State
Lori Swanson, Attorney General
Rebecca Otto, State Auditor

Conflict of Interest Disclosed: None

Measurable Outcomes

This project definitely achieved our goal of updating our microfilm reader. It exceeds our expectations with the use of Searchable Text Tools (research word is high-lighted on a page), an image bin stores images and then can be printed on one page and great viewing on the 24" flat panel monitor. The ease of operation is great.

Quick Facts

Project Type: Grants

Recipient: Todd County Historical Society

Funding Amount: $9,385

Source: Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Status: Completed

Appropriation Years: 2015

Description of Other Funds Available upon request. Contact

Recipient Type: Non-Profit Business/Entity

Activity Type: Grants/Contracts

Counties Impacted: Todd Douglas Morrison Stearns

MN Senate District: 9

MN House District: 9B

FTEs (Full-Time Equivalent Positions Directly Created): 0.00

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