Partnership Grants

Shared Resources

Partners may individually manage similar resources on behalf of the public. Streamlining management of those resources for greater efficiency will allow for a more comprehensive public benefit. The application must thoroughly demonstrate the partners and their customers will benefit from the compilation and sharing of resources. The partners must be able to sustain the results of the shared resources beyond the grant period.


Eligible programs include but are not limited to:
  • Developing a regional disaster response and recovery supply cache as part of a regional disaster team program (e.g., develop and purchase supplies for disaster kits).
  • Plan, develop, and implement digital solutions for uniting historic resources to promote better public and student access to Minnesota history.
  • Developing cooperative agreements and procedures to manage historic properties, public records, or archives.
  • Standardizing resources among partners, such as business forms, fee schedules, etc.


In addition to items described as not fundable under General Information, the following items are ineligible for funding:
  • General equipment purchases


The following advice corresponds to sections of the application form and is additional to the guidance provided above.
Partnership Program Description
  • Explain the need for shared resources and how it will benefit the partners and their customers.
  • If contracting with a service provider, describe the service or resource to be shared.
Evaluation Metrics
  • Estimate cost savings from the planned shared resource to demonstrate efficiency.

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