Partnership Grants

Program Budgets

It is important that all partners carefully consider the budget needed to accomplish the program’s goals and objectives. The budget must include individual line items for all aspects of the program, including goods or services. As part of the application process, partners should determine what each can contribute to the program as match and what costs will need to be borne by the program.


A funding match is not required for the Heritage Partnership Program. Match, however, is always encouraged; in fact, it is listed as an additional criterion for evaluating applications. Demonstrated match is one indicator of local buy-in and commitment to a program. A match also demonstrates a partnership’s and a community’s investment in a program. The presence of a local match for larger grants can be a measure of your partnership’s capacity to carry out your program and of your program’s long-term sustainability. Having match can be a tiebreaker in particularly competitive grant rounds. Be sure to consider donated goods and services as reportable match.


If your partnership plans to conduct a fundraiser to raise cash match for the program, the fundraising effort should be substantially completed prior to application. Your partnership should have the match in-hand at the time of application. Successful applicants begin fundraising efforts well in advance of applying for a grant and are able to quantify the funds collected to date at the time of application. The Heritage Partnership Program offers applicants a way to bridge the gap between fundraising achieved to date and actual program budget.