Requesting an Account

Request an account formNOTICE: The Grant Application site is not designed for Internet Explorer. To use the site as intended, please use a standards compliant browser, such as Google Chrome.

In order to submit a grant application you must provide basic information about the organization you represent when you request an account. If your organization already has an account, disregard this step in the process.
Please review the following information to help you fill out the form.
Once you are ready, go to the grants portal and fill out the Request an Account form.
  • Your Full Name: Provide your name.
  • Your Email Address: Provide a contact email address, not a generic organizational email. This email will become the username of your login.
  • Your Phone: Provide a daytime phone number.
  • Applicant/Organization Name: Provide the name of the organization proposing the grant project.
  • Organization/Applicant Federal Employer Identification Number: Provide the federal employer identification (FEI) number of the applicant organization.
  • Mailing address: city, state, country and postal code: Provide the address of the applicant organization. Be sure that this address has a mail receptacle that is checked regularly so the US Postal Service can safely deliver grant award information and payments.
  • Project title and Project summary: Provide a little background on the project. This is not the application just yet, but it helps determine if you are seeking your grant from the correct funding source. Your summary should be no longer than a few sentences and should describe the project, not the organization. You can include an estimate of the project’s timeline and expected duration.
  • Amount requested: As this is not the actual application, the numbers do not have to be exact. However, give an estimate of the amount of funding sought, as this helps determine if you are seeking your grant from the correct funding source.

Submit your request when you are finished.

Once the Grants Office reviews your request for an account you will receive an email either approving or rejecting your request, or requesting clarification of or additional information. If approved, you will receive a username (your email) and a randomly-created password to access the grants portal. Save the login information in a safe place. 

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The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.