Logging in and Filling Out a Grant Application

When you log in you start at the main menu of the grants portal where you will be able to create and track your grant proposal. This is also where you will file your final report if your project is funded.

Create a new application from the main menu by clicking on the "Create a Request" button.

A number of grant application forms will be listed. This manual only provides information on filling out the Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grants application forms for standard and structured grants. To open a blank grant application form, click on "Create New Request" next to the name of the appropriate grant program.

Save your work often to avoid losing it! If you click the ‘Save’ button and you receive an error message, you must correct the error(s) and re-save your work. For example, applicants often make the error of leaving a required field blank. To avoid this error, make sure that there is at least one letter or word in each narrative field. If you get an error message at the top of the page after you hit the save button, it is usually because one of the narrative fields is still blank. When that message comes up, scroll down the page to find the blank field. It will be highlighted in red.

If you do not correct the errors, the portal will not save your application. There is no way to retrieve an application once it is deleted.

vs 4.0

The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.