Grants Manual

MHCHG Manual

Download PDF of the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Manual for Fiscal Year 2017-18, Version  5.1. 

This manual provides information about the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants program, funded by Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. The program’s goals: to preserve and enhance access to Minnesota’s cultural and historical resources and to support projects of enduring value for the cause of history and historic preservation across the state.
Use the manual to help you prepare your grant application. First, determine whether or not your project idea is eligible for funding. Program funds must be used to supplement, not substitute for, traditional sources of funding. Then follow the steps outlined for the grant application process of the project category you choose. The manual also summarizes the requirements for administering grant projects.

Grant Manual Sections

General Information

General Information is where you find information on the goals of the grant program, where the funding comes from, deadlines, eligibility, the definition of partnerships, grant levels and the review process at each level, review criteria, and grantee's responsibilities.

Project Guidelines

Eligible projects fall into three project categories: community history projects, historic preservation projects, and structured grants. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, not a catalog of all possible projects. In addition, some projects might appear to fit under more than one category. If your planned project does not appear to fit into one of these categories, or if you are unsure which category should be applied to your project, call, e-mail, or write the Grants Office before submitting an application. Final product(s) must be held by a Minnesota-based organization or institution.

Instructions and Requirements

The Society's Grants Office is transitioning to an entirely on-line grants system with Fiscal Year 2012. Applicants access the system through the grants portal. Here applicants will be able to track where an application is in the review process as well as have access to information about previous grants you have received. The portal allows you to save your work on an application and come back to finish it later. The portal provides access to everything you'll need in administering a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society, from the pre-application stage through reporting on the completion of a project.

Instructions and Requirements for Pre-Applications and for Final Applications, and required application attachments, which are all located in the Minnesota Historical Society Grants Portal powered by Fluxx.


The Appendices includes links to the "Legacy" Constitutional Amendment and the current appropriations bill; financial requirements, reports, and records you need to know about; professional standards to follow; a sample acceptance form for Small Grants; a sample grant agreement for Large Grants; an application checklist; strategies for preparing a competitive grant proposal; and a glossary of terms used in this manual.


The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.