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APPENDIX F: Definitions

Match: A funding match is not required at any level in the Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grants Program. Matches, however, are always encouraged; in fact, they are listed as an additional criterion for evaluating grant applications. Funding matches are one way to measure local buy-in and commitment to a project, demonstrating a community’s investment in seeing a project through to completion. For larger grants, the presence of a local match can also be seen as a measure of your capacity to carry out your project and of your project’s sustainability. In a particularly competitive grants round, this factor could be a tie-breaker.
Measurable Outcomes: This addresses a requirement in MS 16B, Subd. 2. (a), which states “a project or program receiving funding from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund must include measurable outcomes and a plan for measuring and evaluating the results.“ Outcomes for various types of projects will vary greatly; guidelines for each project category provide additional guidance on this matter.
Project: Projects are undertakings that require detailed planning, concerted effort to achieve, and are designed to accomplish prioritized organizational goals or objectives. Projects have a purpose that supports the applicant's mission. Projects have a distinct beginning and end with a product of enduring value. 
Public Benefit: Projects supported through this grants program are expected to demonstrate public benefit. You will want to think about your project’s potential public benefit as you shape the project, identify its goals and objectives, and develop a plan for evaluating its results.
Supplant: To take the place of or replace an existing form of funding. 
Sustainability: It is the intention of Legacy Amendment funding to support projects with lasting impact or enduring value. Applicants must demonstrate sustainability of the product of the project for which they are applying. This does not imply green practices necessarily, though those are encouraged. Sustainability is the applicant’s ability to support any ongoing costs that the project may incur after the grant is closed. How will your organization maintain a building once you restore it? How will your organization pay for hosting costs of a website paid for with Legacy funds?

The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.