Accessing the Grant Application


All of the Grants Office’s grant programs are accessed and managed through an electronic system. Applicants access the system through the grants portal powered by FLUXX. Here the applicants track where an application is in the review process as well as have access to information about previous grants received. The portal allows applicants to save work on an application and come back to finish it later. The portal provides access to everything needed in administering a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society, from the pre-application stage through reporting on the completion of a project.

Recommendation: The grants portal requires that all application fields be filled in prior to saving. If you get an error message when saving the grant application, DO NOT log out of the grants portal without correcting the error(s), or you will lose all of your work. Avoid this dilemma by saving the application with ‘dummy’ text’; then go back in and replace with actual text. Remember to save often!

Instructions and requirements for pre-applications, final applications, and required application attachments, are located in guidelines as well as in the grants portal.

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The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.