Minnesota History: Building A Legacy

Kids and Seniors: Creating a Legacy Together

Participants of the Warroad Quilting Project

From Grand Rapids to Little Falls, from St. Paul to Spring Valley, Minnesota’s youngest and oldest citizens are forging new connections made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

The Minnesota Historical Society has hosted 12 intergenerational projects around the state to encourage kids and seniors to get to know and understand each other while learning new skills together.

In Warroad, pre-teen girls gathered with women from the Warroad Senior Living Center to design and display four quilts inspired by life in the 1930s and 1940s.

One senior described her favorite part of the project:

“Meeting and interacting with the young girls. They were interested about the early years of Warroad and brought back many pleasant memories.”

In Spring Valley, sixth graders and seniors worked together to create a picture book of city history for the community to enjoy.

A community member commented:

“Very good [project]. I hope it expands to include more schools and students.  I’m happy my tax dollars are being used for a [project] like this.”

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